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Division of Student Affairs
University of Mississippi

Student Affairs Mission and Vision


The mission of Student Affairs is to facilitate a holistic, student-centered experience that nurtures the growth, dignity, development and talents of every student in preparation for a lifetime of learning, leadership and success.


Student Affairs will be nationally recognized for its excellence and innovation in supporting the success of students, its leadership in the profession, and as a premier destination for student affairs professionals.



We foster caring, inclusive and celebratory communities where all students, regardless of background, identity or experiences, feel welcomed, valued and supported. We cultivate a culture of campus collaboration and responsibility built on trust, respect and open communication, supporting the tenets of the UM Creed.


We promote respect by treating members of our community with dignity. We value the contributions and perspectives of others through our behaviors and sense of shared purpose.


We champion ethics, excellence and innovation in our daily work. We deliver programs and services with pride and distinction that enhance the student experience and reputation of the University of Mississippi. We strive to be leaders in the field of student affairs through continuously expanding our knowledge through active professional engagement and scholarship.


We empower students to navigate, actively participate and problem solve within the university and their communities so they can advocate for themselves and have their voices heard.


We commit to the holistic development, learning and well-being of students and Student Affairs staff by cultivating a supportive environment that fosters self-reflection, self-discovery and personal development.