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    Welcome to the Division of Student Affairs! We are a team of highly competent and professional educators that are committed to enhancing the out-of-class experience for students at The University of Mississippi. From your first campus tour to graduation day, you will find Student Affairs partnering with you to become better acclimated to campus, to find a safe place to live, to keep you healthy while attending classes, and to build leadership and career-specific skills. We work hard to support the co-curricular, emotional, physical and financial needs of our students.

    While students attend college to pursue an academic major and attain a degree, a great deal of learning occurs beyond the classroom walls. Those of us in Student Affairs are here to assist students with this important educational aspect of their college career. We invite students and families to get involved because the more invested you become with the Ole Miss culture; the more successful you are likely to be academically.

    This website intends to introduce you to the ways you can connect and become involved with Student Affairs. Please review our materials closely and let us know how we can facilitate your engagement or assist you with any questions or issues. We look forward to working with you!

    Warm Regards,
    Brandi Hephner LaBanc, Ed.D.
    Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs


    September 19, 2018

    TO:  An open letter to our fraternity & sorority community,

    This letter is intended for the entire community – current and new members, student leaders, chapter advisors, housing corporation members, chapter alumni, national office leadership, and parents of current and new members—because it takes all of us to create and maintain a culture of care and safety.

    It is probably safe to assume that you are aware of the student deaths from hazing and alcohol abuse at other institutions. You may also be aware of the hazing transgressions some of UM’s own fraternities have been found guilty of. We suspect many of you have experienced sadness and frustration for the senseless loss of life; many are left disappointed that fraternities and sororities failed all of us. We also suspect that fear is heightened because it could have been our campus. Our chapter houses and the Greek Garden are part of the beauty of our award-winning campus landscape – you cannot deny how the majestic columns, letters, and bricks come together to enhance our campus. But you also cannot deny that hazing and high-risk drinking have haunted our organizations and marred the values our organizations claim to uphold. We suspect (and hope) that fear has moved your organizations and our community to a place of action.

    Hazing and high-risk drinking have no place on our campus.
    We are better and we should want better for our community.

    This letter is a reminder to the entire community about the risks that exist. If we want to reduce those risks, all of us must be courageous and intentional in our actions. We beg each member in each organization to re-commit to your values and adhere to organization and campus policies. But more importantly—we need EVERYONE to simply CARE.
    Care enough to educate yourself on what is right and wrong.
    Care enough to make sure those around you are making safe decisions.
    Care enough to remove others from harm’s way.
    Care enough about others that you don’t have to demean them.
    Care enough to report when someone else is not caring.
    Care enough to live the values you committed to in your organization.

    The second page of this correspondence outlines steps we have already taken to reduce high-risk drinking and related behavior. Key resources are also outlined for your use—please reach out if you 1.) are motivated to improve a situation, 2.) are/become aware of something that should be addressed, or 3.) suspect something is wrong. Your engagement is critical to the culture, safety, and sustainability of our fraternity and sorority community. It will take our entire community to facilitate the culture of care we need to combat hazing and high-risk drinking.

    With respect and CARE,

    Brandi Hephner LaBanc, Ed.D.  Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

    Mindy Sutton Noss, Ph.D.   AVC/Dean of Students

    Arthur Doctor, Ph.D.   Dir., Fraternal Leadership & Learning

    Bennett Wilfong, Interfraternity Council President

    Randon Hill, National Pan-Hellenic Council

    Ann Weston Sistrunk, President Panhellenic Council President


    I believe in respect for the dignity of each person.The University of Mississippi Creed

    To report any concerning behavior, please complete the Hazing Report Form at:

    Recent steps taken at UM to further address high-risk behaviors within our community:
    • Mandatory prospective new member education regarding alcohol/drugs and violence prevention/sexual assault
    • Recruitment visits and assessments by National Interfraternity Council representatives, including reviews of new members plans and programming
    • Updates to the event registration process to address safety and help curb high-risk behavior
    • Launch of the LiveSafe app (free to UM students!)
    • Establishment of the Hazing & Violence Prevention Steering Committee (to be completed fall 2017)

    Key University Policies:
    Medical Amnesty
    Alcohol and Other Drugs Sanctions
    Game Day

    University Resources:
    Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs (https://studentaffairs.olemiss.edu/)
    UMatter website
    • Person of Concern on-line reporting form

    Office of Fraternal Leadership & Learning (http://greeks.olemiss.edu/)
    • Hazing prevention resources

    UPD (https://upd.olemiss.edu/)

    Counseling Center (https://counseling.olemiss.edu/)

    Wellness Education (https://campusrec.olemiss.edu/wellness/)

    Family Association (https://families.olemiss.edu/)

    Additional Resources:

    NPHC Joint Statement on Hazing – http://zphib1920.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/COP-Joint-Hazing-Statement-March-2017.pdf

    Umbrella Group – Anti–hazing commitment: http://nicindy.org/news/2017/fraternal-umbrella-organizations-unanimously-support-new-anti-hazing-legislation/

    StopHazing.org – http://www.stophazing.org/