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Division of Student Affairs
University of Mississippi

Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


The Division of Student Affairs is dedicated to creating an inclusive, welcoming, and equitable atmosphere for all students, faculty, and staff.  Each community of practice represented in the DSA’s five-year Equity in Action plan will consistently articulate the standards to which we hold ourselves accountable. This plan allows staff to grow professionally and personally as they educate and mentor students through a co-curricular experience.  By increasing diversity education for staff, graduate assistants, and student employees, we are expanding our knowledge and skills for a more inclusive campus community. In addition, we will provide intentional programming to enrich the experience of underrepresented students. Finally, by recruiting underrepresented staff, graduate assistants, and student employees, we will work to ensure that the division has a fair and equitable hiring process.  


Fifteen departments constitute the Division of Student Affairs; these units within Student Affairs enrich the University of Mississippi experience outside of the classroom. Student Affairs professionals provide cocurricular student support and enrichment programs while seeking to create a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment for students and staff. To that end, the departments within the Division of Student Affairs will implement the strategic activities listed in this plan with guidance from the Diversity Change Team and the Division of Diversity and Community Engagement.  


We believe that the needs of our students should be put first because our greatest success is the success of our students.  We create personal connections with students to facilitate their development and persistence to graduation. In and out of the classroom, we utilize every opportunity for student learning and growth. Our core values include Students First, Everyone Speaks, Embrace Differences, and Lead with Learning.  


Dr. Shannon Richardson, Campus Recreation – Diversity Liaison  
Ms. Bernice Sykes, Student Disability Services  
Ms. Haley Anderson, Student Union  
Mr. Tracy Murry, Conflict Resolution & Student Conduct  
Ms. Jess Turuc, Fraternity & Sorority Life  
Ms. Mandi Bloodworth, UMatter  
Dr. John Yaun, Student Housing
Ms. Danielle Meyer, Student Housing   
Mr. Jesse Richards, University Police Department  
Mr. Dion Sanford, Center for Student Success & First Year Experience  
Ms. Toni Avant, Career Center  
Ms. Senora Miller Logan, Luckyday  
Ms. Tineshe Kee, Student Health Center  
Dr. Juawice McCormick, University Counseling Center 

Resources for Student Affairs Professionals

Tips for Inclusive Programming

All-In, All-Year Calendar

60th Anniversary of Integration

Diversity Incentive Fund

Inclusive & Equitable Hiring Processes: Faculty/Staff Searches trainings:

  • Log into the website -> Employee -> Tools and Resources -> Training Workshops -> Inclusive and Equitable Hiring Processes: Faculty and Staff Searches -> Register
  • Make sure all three fields in the filter are set to “All” for trainings to be displayed.
  • Please cancel any previous registration if you sign up for an earlier session or if your availability changes – this will open spots for others.   
  • Effective January 1, 2023, only individuals who have successfully completed the Inclusive and Equitable Hiring Processes: Faculty and Staff Searches training will be permitted to serve on a search committee per the University Search Committee Policy.