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Division of Student Affairs
University of Mississippi


Explore the Division of Student Affairs


Campus Recreation
Dr. Peter Tulchinsky, Director
(662) 915-5576

Campus Recreation offers programs and facilities for Ole Miss students, faculty, staff, and community members. As you explore their website, you will quickly find opportunities to engage in numerous recreational programs and services administered by the Department of Campus Recreation. Structured and unstructured, traditional and nontraditional recreational opportunities are offered throughout the school year. This website provides much of the information you might need to get involved in one or more activities within Campus Recreation. If you have questions, please stop by Turner 214 or contact us by phone or e-mail.


Career Center
Ms. Toni Avant, Director
(662) 915-7473

The job of the Career Center is to empower Ole Miss graduates to make a successful transition into the work world. By providing state-of-the-art career tools and access to qualified professionals, we think you’ll be surprised at how helpful the Career Center can be.


Center for Student Success & First-Year Experience
Dr. Kyle Ellis, Director
(662) 915-5970

The Center for Student Success and First-Year Experience promotes student success through comprehensive, multifaceted, and dynamic initiatives to ensure a quality collegiate experience for our diverse student population.


Conflict Resolution & Student Conduct
Mr. Tracy Murry, Director
(662) 915-1387

The Office of Conflict Resolution and Student Conduct provides a comprehensive array of approaches to support The University of Mississippi’s values of civility, respect for human dignity, and the honoring of community standards.  Their purpose is to: a) support students as they overcome mistakes, b) engage in character development with an emphasis on ethical decision-making and integrity, c) resolve conflict at the lowest level possible through education, facilitation, and support, foster a safe community, and d) provide a process to adjudicate possible violations of university policy when appropriate and necessary.


Counseling Center
Dr. Juawice McCormick, Director
(662) 915-3784

The University Counseling Center espouses a philosophy of acceptance and respect, compassion, and support for the individuals that we serve, as well as toward each other. We work to create a warm and welcoming environment that expresses respect for the individual and their relationships. We hold a belief in the self-determination and growth of the individual. We seek to create and maintain a dynamic and fluid environment that allows for a sense of safety and trust to build in our clients and ourselves. We adopt a holistic view of ourselves – from being providers of psychological services for the university community (our clients) to working to meet the broader needs of our clients.


Fraternity and Sorority Life
Ms. Jess Turuc, Director
(662) 915-7609

Fraternity and Sorority Life; Learning exists to support the individuals, chapters, and organizations affiliated with the Greek community through a holistic and student-focused approach. We believe that when done right, fraternities and sororities are designed to make affiliated men and women the best version of themselves. Fraternities and sororities strive to provide a supportive atmosphere that leads with learning, furthers the building of relationships, and develops the individual. As a community, we are dedicated to five core values: academic excellence, respect and dignity for all, health and wellness, personal and professional development, and civic engagement. Focusing our energy, conversations, and work around these core values, we are able to create intentional educational opportunities grounded in research and theory. Visit our website to learn more about our current chapters and councils, the recruitment and intake process, and ways to support students through their affiliated time here at the University.


Health Services
Mr. Alex Langhart, Director
(662) 915-7274

The mission of Student Health Services is to promote the health and well-being of students through education, prevention, and care of acute medical conditions, thereby enhancing the quality of the student’s university experience.


Dr. Chelsea Bennett, Director
(662) 915-1592

The Luckyday Foundation funds approximately eighty scholarships for Mississippi high school seniors and twenty-five community college transfer students who possess qualities of an exemplary student, demonstrate strong leadership skills, and exhibit a commitment to serving the community to pursue a higher education at the University of Mississippi. In addition to scholarship funding, Luckyday Scholars are given the opportunity to engage in programming built around the four areas of success: scholarship, community, service, and leadership. Luckyday program staff and student leaders provide support and encouragement to the Scholars throughout the program.


UMatter: Student Support and Advocacy
Ms. Kate Forster, Director
(662) 915-7248

The staff at UMatter provide services for times when you may be facing challenges or need advocacy support.  UMatter: Student Support & Advocacy serves the University of Mississippi community by coordinating support efforts both on and off campus.  We assist students facing challenges in order to promote personal and academic success. You can also refer a student to our services through our CARE Reporting system.


Gertrude C. Ford Ole Miss Student Union
Mr. Bradley Baker, Director
(662) 915-1044

The mission of the Ole Miss Student Union is to enhance social, cultural, and educational opportunities for students and the university community through innovative and entertaining activities and programs. Serving as a programming resource for the university, the Ole Miss Student Union often partners with campus organizations and departments to sponsor a variety of events and activities. Committed to the development of leadership and citizenship among students, the Ole Miss Student Union strives to promote excellence in student activities programming. Pageants, musical entertainment, special events, and the movie series are among the more than 125 events sponsored each year.


Student Disability Services
Ms. Stacey Reycraft, Director
(662) 915-7128

The Office of Student Disability Services (SDS) at The University of Mississippi is committed to ensuring equal access to a quality education for qualified students with disabilities through the provision of reasonable academic accommodations which support university standards and academic integrity. SDS provides classroom accommodations to all students on campus who disclose a disability, request accommodations, and who meet eligibility criteria. We do not have specialized programs for specific types of disabilities.


Student Housing
Dr. John Yaun, Director
(662) 915-7328

Everything Student Housing does is to prepare our students to be independent and contributing global citizens. Through our actions, we prepare our students by promoting healthy relationships, ethical decision making, and participation as leaders in their respective communities. We prepare our students to meet life’s challenges that lie ahead. By the way, we provide on-campus housing! Want to come live with us?


University Police Department
Mr. Daniel Sanford, Chief of Police
(662) 915-7234

The five divisions which compose the University Police Department– patrol, investigation, crime prevention, security staff, support– are an integrated team striving to achieve excellence in police protection and to ensure a high quality of student-faculty life by promoting a tranquil, safe atmosphere conducive to the objectives of the university. The department is dedicated to the protection of the university properties to ensure the beauty, security, and safe function of the campus grounds and resources.


William Magee Center for AOD and Wellness Education
Dr. Nicholas McAfee
(662) 915-6543

The William Magee Center for AOD and Wellness Education advocates for well-informed, healthful choices and encourages students to strive for wellness in a positive, empowering, open and inclusive environment. The WMC provides one on one wellness consultation services, alcohol and drug education program, educational presentations to student groups, and opportunities to discover your personal wellbeing through outreach and awareness events.